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Tips On How To Build A Do-It-Yourself Dog House

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If you are a pet lover and planning to get a new dog or little pup to bring at your home, it is necessary to also provide him with a good dog kennel or house where he can reside and take shelter.  You don’t have to opt for one though. A do-it-yourself pet house is very easy to make and even though if you are not a specialized woodworker, having a simple dog kennel plan and materials can help you to make your own.

Dog house

What is splendid with a DIY dog house is that you can create your own design and customize it in accordance to your choices, and certainly, you can always add some extras to make it more appealing and unique. To start making your own, mentioned below are some guidelines that might help you regarding this:

  • Find a good kennel plan prior to starting to create a dog kennel or house. Even though you want to make a small sized kennel, make certain that you have a plan to help you in making your measurements correct and avoid wasting materials specifically if you are following an experimental approach.
  • Do not make the dog house too roomy. There is a motive behind why dog kennels are small sized and that is to keep them warm all through frosty months. If you create a roomier kennel, it will be tough for your dog to keep him warm. Plan the size of the kennel just sufficient for your pet to walk in, stretch and turn around.
  • Make sure that your DIY doggy house has appropriate ventilation as well. Make certain your canine’s shelter is not too hot throughout warm seasons and look after him in cold weather too. Make sure you are opting for kennels materials that won’t overheat throughout summer season but will secure your pet in winter too.
  • Lift the kennel off the floor in order to prevent the wood from rotting easily. The moist ground can make its flooring easy to rot, so you can prevent it through lifting it off the ground. It also aids in preventing insects and other small creatures to enter and bug your dog.
  • Keep away from pressure-treated wood. Even though this type of wood does not rot easily, allowing it to last for a longer time span, this wood is treated with poisonous chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. You can use this wood on the roofing but avoid using it in areas where your pet can chew it.
  • Customize the pet kennel so that it can be cleaned easily. Always design the kennel roof so that it is detachable. Add some hinges to make it easy to access and clean. You can also look at other materials that can help easy cleaning. Obviously, you would want your dog to be residing and enjoying a comfy and clean shelter.

Keep these aforementioned tips in mind with the intention of making a DIY dog house and you will finally learn a simplest way to make a shelter for your dog. You can also paint your new pet kennel with the same color as your house to make it more tempting.